Chris Paines – “The BJJ Villain”

Hailing from a small town in middle England, my name is Chris Paines, and I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.
First, a little history. I started training in Martial Arts all the way back at age 13, starting with Japanese Jujitsu, eventually landing my Black Belt at age 21 in 2008.
Fast forward one year, and I enrolled in Submission Wrestling at the infamous Fighting Fit Combat Sports gym in Stone, England, under the tutelage of Alan Stockdale, Richard Willis, and Gee Oakes.
Within 3 weeks, I was already competing and getting my ass kicked on the UK grappling circuit, and it would continue this way every month for the next couple of years. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, Alan, Rich, and Gee could no longer run the Grappling classes, and they were left to me as caretaker. Following a pretty brutal winter, and finding hooded tops and jogging bottoms an uncomfortable combination to spar in, we brought BJJ Gis, because they seemed pretty warm at the time.
2013, I met the awesome Christian Graugart, who then took me under his wing and promoted me to Blue Belt in 2013, Purple in 2014, and Brown in 2017, via his increasingly popular BJJ Globetrotter Camps.
At the Copenhagen 2017 camp where I received my Brown Belt, I was lucky enough to meet my future mentor, and the man who would completely transform how I approached Jiu-Jitsu, Priit Mihkelson. After a thorough ass-whooping, I started to pay Priit to come the UK, and travel to his gym in Estonia, eventually culminating in me receiving my Black Belt from Priit in March 2019.
Now, alongside being the head coach of Fighting Fit Grappling in the UK, and competing on submission only events both at home and abroad, I am now fortunate enough to teach at seminars and camps the world over, as well as posting plenty of content to my Youtube Channel.
At this site, I will be posting about past and future exploits, along with new instructional content. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me through the link at the top, or anywhere else you can find me. I’m pretty easy to locate.



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Top notch JiuJitsu teacher. Very professional. making old principals look fresh. Can take a huge & complex subject and present it to any level of bjj students.

Overall great guy:)

Gidon Sagher, Octopus BJJ Tel Aviv

I invited professor Chris Paines at our Centurion Jiu Jitsu headquarters in Florence, Italy, for a week long intensive BJJ camp. This man is an amazing teacher, his systematic approach and innovative vision of the art produced in just few days drastically improved the whole team.

I suggest everyone to seek Chris tuition.

Mario Puccioni, Centurion Jiu-Jitsu Florence Italy

Chris has a unique insight into all aspects of jujitsu, anybody can add the skills Chris can teach into their game. Great teacher, great instructor and great competitor.

Tariq Khan, Gracie Barra Halesowen